Under the BashōEssays


A Review of Yanty's Butterfly 16 September 2016 Written by Iliyana Stoyanova
Never really gone... 11 August 2016 Written by Michael Rehling
Little Catastrophes: The Topological Structure of Humor and Haiku 02 June 2016 Written by Michael Dylan Welch
The Romance of Endings in Haiku 14 March 2016 Written by Richard Gilbert
Review of Robert D. Wilson's "A Soldier's Bones" 26 February 2016 Written by Don Baird
Haiku in English in North America 19 February 2016 Written by George Swede
Beyond Kigo: Haiku in the Next Millennium 19 February 2016 Written by Jim Kacian
Child Mind: Teaching the Way of Haiku by Gary Gach 21 December 2015 Written by Gary Gach
Silences as seen in Indian Aesthetics by Kala Ramesh 08 May 2015 Written by Kala Ramesh
The Narrow Road to the Western Isles 07 July 2014 Written by Geoffrey Wilkinson