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:Revised Concept and Dates

The Fifth issue -  December 1st, 2017 - Organic Journal

Under the Basho is now an organic journal that develops its content as the year proceeds. The opening date for submissions is March 1st and remains open until November 15th, 2017. December 1st of each year will be considered our formal publication date (an Annual Journal). Submissions will be handled by our editors as they come in; the poems finding their way into acceptance or rejection. Please submit up to 10 poems at a time in each category.  Once we accept poems from you in a particular division, you cannot submit to that one again. However, you may submit haiku to another division that you have not yet been accepted.  Editors will guide you through these steps.  Our goal: showcase the poet's best work.  Please do not send poems to "get by".  Send your best!  Thank you.

Mission Statement

Under the Basho aspires to receive, appreciate, discuss and publish poems that have evolved from the genetic strands implanted by Basho  and other great Japanese masters.  There appear to be five main stylistic groupings of these wonderful short form poems being written today exemplifying depth and concision; it is our desire to recognise what the marks of excellence in each approach are and to celebrate the differing ways that these are being achieved.

Submission Information

Prior Publication

Please submit poems that have not been published in any journal, ezine, magazine, book, personal website, twitter, or youtube. Facebook groups and workshops are not considered published and those poems are acceptable to submit.


Under the Basho requires first publication rights, including first electronic rights, for work accepted and Under the Basho should be noted as place of first publication.

Poems submitted to us must be the original work of the submitting poet and must not be under consideration by any other publication or contest. Following on-line publication with us, all rights revert to the author. Under the Basho reserves the right to publish any work accepted for publication for any future print or electronic anthologies and/or retrospectives of the Under the Basho journal.

There is currently no payment for publication.

Submission to Under the Basho Journal is deemed as an acceptance of these conditions.

How to Submit Poems

Using the submission menu (drop down menu above), submit up to 10 poems for each category you are interested in.

Submit just one for 'Personal Best.' Poems submitted to this division must be previously published. Please keep in mind that we are looking for high quality, top-shelf 'Personal Best' poems that will stand the test of time.

Why Submit Up to Ten?

Under the Basho is very interested in showcasing fine poets of each haiku style. We have considered this project at great length and have reaffirmed our notion that in order for readers to acquire an immersed feel and understanding of a poet, we would need to publish more than one poem to do so. 

How to Submit Articles

Please submit article queries through the "Contact Us" button.  We will contact you via email for further thought and discussion about an article and its possible inclusion in Under the Basho.  We encourage educational articles that leave the reader with refreshed perspective, knowledge, and skill in any of the categories we accept submissions.  We also entertain articles of avant-garde poetics that stretch and push the possibilities of modern haiku.  And, of course, we enjoy seeing articles about the tradition of hokku and its dna in English.

The door is open for discussion.

And, Thank You 

It is our collective efforts that will make Under the Basho an exemplary journal.  Without fine poets with high skill submitting to us, the journal is nothing but a dream.  Thank you for your submissions; thank you for your hard work, studies, and thank you for sharing your talent with the world at large.