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Under the Basho is a journal gathering under one "umbrella" present day variations and developments of the verse form that, under Basho's stewardship, was transformed into a high art.

Everyone who comes to write such short form poems is on some tributary or other of the path that Basho was travelling and, following his example, such writers adjust their approach as they too progress along the ever-changing needs of true poetic expression.

Into the 21st century the descendants of Basho's hokku multiply daily into various styles of poetic expression but all bearing still a scent of the Basho hokku dna.  While the family resemblances may sometimes seem tenuous, those examples of high seriousness and individual accomplishments of poetic expression deserve to be appreciated.

Little could Basho have known in his insular Japan that the short form verse form that he raised to high art would become a world wide phenomenon with millions of haiku poems written every day in most nations.

The five styles that Under the Basho embraces for publication are listed above in the titles bar.  They are:

  • Traditional
  • Stand-Alone Hokku
  • Modern Haiku
  • One-Line Haiku
  • Concrete Haiku.  

Please glance through them to become familiar with their particular qualities as envisioned by the editors/owners of Under the Basho.