• Ticking

    The body is an assemblage of cellular clocks of many different kinds. Not only does each clock need to tick regularly but it has to tick sequentially with other clocks for optimal health. Maybe if a cellular clock begins to malfunction others can take over.
    Maybe not.

    running days
    he turns to poetry

  • Tiffany Shaw-Diaz


    bathed in red church bells ring


    autumn leaves falling into has been


    in the river drifting through an ellipsis


  • Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

    the scent
    of honeysuckle
    last night’s dream


    a twinkling
    of stars
    the muse returns


  • Tom Bierovic

    a shroud
    drapes the orange tree
    winter rain


    splash of a golf ball
    a duck’s eye


    the sign says
    narrow road ahead
    talk radio


    hometown church
    even the belfry
    is empty


  • Wilburt, Elaine

    an empty bottle --
    little boys
    smelling of Dad’s cologne

  • William Keckler

    late night city
    headlights follow twists
    in DNA

  • William Kenney

    stone Buddha
    where the garden used to be
    drifting leaves