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Autumn 2010, Vol. 8. No. 2


Contests in non-English Languages

Saša Važić, the staff, and I thank all you from the bottoms of our hearts for the kind words and your continued love, respect, and support of Simply Haiku during our brief hiatus.

The reception for our Summer issue was phenomenal. Our readership has increased and we are receiving kudos almost every day, which encourages us since we are an unpaid staff doing what we do because we love and respect English language Japanese short form poetry.

Realizing our responsibility as a respected international journal, Saša and I have made the decision to include more haiku and the related genres in languages other than English, with translations, of course, in every issue since there are thousands of haiku and the related genres poets writing quality poems who haven’t been heard by the English language Japanese short form poetry world. These poets deserve a broader audience, and we are missing out on the opportunity to broaden our knowledge of haiku and the related genres, and the understanding of other people’s cultural memories.

Robert D. Wilson
Saša Važić

Some recent Kudos:

Dear Sasa and Robert,
Glad to see you got Simply Haiku back together again! Blessings on the endeavor! Will have a note in Lynx about your success! \o/
Jane Reichold

The whole issue is beautiful, and I’m thrilled with my page, and I look forward to exploring the rest over the next days. I’ve already linked to it on my blog :).
Penny Harter

Hi Sasa, well it was worth all the work and the wait, since the site looks wonderful! Please pass this along to Robert and congratulations to both of you for a fine job.

Many thanks and congratulations on a great issue.
Diane Mayr

Dear Robert and Sasa,
First of all, a hearty Congratulation for the return of Simply Haiku! The new issue looks elegant and makes for a delightful read. This must have been a huge effort, and you should be lauded for your passion and dedication. How pleased I am to still be a part of Simply Haiku.
David Callner

I posted your announcement to Tanka News & Haiku Headlines.
Great issue!
best wishes,
MET Press,

Many congratulations! Well done!

the first flower of an old rose
has opened!


WOW!  Very different....simple elegance!!!
Wende Skidmore DuFlon

This is beautiful! Congratulations!
Aurora Antonovic, Magnapoets

Dear Robert--
So glad to see Simply HAIKU IS ALIVE.
Dear Sasa--Congratulations.
Sanford Goldstein

Dear Sasa:
Glad to know that you're now Co-Editor and Co-Publisher of Simply Haiku. Thank you so much for letting me know that Simply Haiku is online, and for introducing European haiku poets to the English-speaking haiku community.
Best wishes,
Chen-ou Liu

Hi, Sasa,
I heartily congratulate you on your work with Robert Wilson to bring back SIMPLY HAIKU!!  Once again, the international range of haiku poets is being introduced to us—thank you!!
Susan Diridoni

Dear Sasa and Robert,
Thank you for your message.
Congratulations for the new issue of SIMPLY HAIKU! It looks great. It is a real pleasure to have SIMPLY HAIKU again. I missed it.
Thank you for including my interview in this issue. I hope people interested in haiga painting will find some thoughts about this art.
I wish you success and inspiration!
Ion Codrescu

Dear Robert, the journal looks simply beautiful! So are the words in it.
Wang Ping (on her Facebook Wall)















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