Summer 2010, Vol.8. No. 1


Co-Owner, Co-Publisher, Co-Editor in Chief

~ Robert D. Wilson (bio) (email) (introduction)

Co-Owner, Co-Publisher, Co-Editor in Chief

~ Saša Važić (bio) (email) (introduction)

Simply Haiku

 Editor ~ Robert D. Wilson (email) (introduction)

           Ikuyo Yoshimura

 Louis Osofsky

 Susan Diridoni

 Lilia Racheva

 Ljubomir Dragović

 Славко Ј. Седлар

Simply Haibun

 Editor ~ Kala Ramesh (bio) (email) (introduction)

            Andrew Riutta

            Patricia Prime 

            Robert D. Wilson

             Saša Važić

             Slavica Anisija Blagojević

   Johannes Manjerkar

   Wende Skidmore DuFlon

Simply Haiga

   Summer 2010 guest editor ~ Natalia L. Rudytchev 

   New editor ~ Silvija Butković  (bio) (email) (introduction)

   Andy Pomphrey

             Lidia Rozmus

             Robert D. Wilson

   Sakuo Nakamura (selected by Robert D. Wilson)

   an’ya (selected by Robert D. Wilson)

   Marc di Saverio (selected by Saša Važić)

   Malvina Mileta (selected by Saša Važić)

   Marija Pogorilić (selected by Robert D. Wilson)

Simply Tanka

   Summer 2010 guest editor ~ Pamela A. Babusci

   New editor ~ Amelia  Fielden  (bio) (email) (introduction)

              George Swede

              Kala Ramesh

              Mary Lou Bittle – DeLapa

              Patricia Prime

              Penny Harter

              Terra Martin

    Lenard D. Moore

A Showcase of Liam Wilkinson - Modern Free Verse Tanka

Editors’ Showcase

    Kala Ramesh

    Robert D. Wilson 

    Saša Važić

    Amelia Fielden

    Silvija Butković


 Interview with Andy Pomphrey by Saša Važić

           Interview with Chen-ou Liu by Robert D. Wilson

 Make Haibun New through Chinese Poetic Past: Basho’s Transformation of Haikai Prose by Chen-ou Liu

 The Chinese Influence on Japanese Short Form Poetry by Robert D. Wilson

           Konoshima Tanka - translations by David Callner

 A Crown of Roses - live poetry reading by Sayumi Kamakura

 Defining Haiku by Robert D. Wilson

 Interview with Marc di Saverio by Robert D. Wilson


 white fish by Ikumi Yoshimura – a review by Robert D. Wilson

           Breast Clouds by Noriko Tanaka - a review by Robert D. Wilson


  Interview with Professor Wang Ping by Daniel Kane 

  What Does It Mean to Read Haikai Linked Verse? A study on Haikai Linked Verse by Toshiko Yokota

  Interview with Ion Codrescu by Jeanne Emrich

  Interview with Hortensia Anderson by Robert D. Wilson



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