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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Colin Stewart Jones gained an MA degree in Gaelic Studies and a post-graduate MLitt in Irish and Scottish Studies from King’s College, Aberdeen and The Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies. Both degrees involved comprehensive study of literature. He was awarded a 100% mark for his MA dissertation; Dàin do Eimhir and Either/Or: points of contact between Somhairle MacGill-Eain and Søren Kierkegaard, that argued that the critically acclaimed Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean drew heavily on the writings of the Danish existentialist philosopher.

Jones does not regard himself as an academic but rather an autodidact who is talented in transforming what he has found, or found out, into something new. An artist first – then a writer, Jones paints with whatever materials he has to hand; he leans towards household paint and recycled materials, sometimes making sculptural assemblages with discarded objects he finds in skips or on the street. Likewise, he takes what he finds from his daily life to produce short image-based haiku and other poetry.

Jones is the owner of Gean Tree Press which published Notes from the Gean and Notes from the Gean: monthly haiku journal. Jones’ inspiration behind Notes from the Gean was to promote new writers and innovation in haiku. As Editor-in-Chief of the first incarnation of Notes from the Gean, one of Jones’ responsibilities was also features editor. Features included interviews with respected haiku poets; book reviews; essays; haiku cartoons; and ‘the dreaming room’ – a page for in depth examinations of single haiku. Notes from the Gean proudly published the first English Sign Language linked form poem, sabaki Alan Summers, and ran many other special features including tributes to deceased writers and a special on the Japanese tsunami. We also held a ginko and workshops at Aberdeen Samurai Day and Winchester University, conducted by Jones and Alan Summers.

As sole editor, Jones took the decision to publish poems by different writers in juxtaposition rather than listing them by writers, when he revamped Notes from the Gean as a monthly flip magazine. Even though made with perfect PDFs the innovation to mix up the various haiku genres and the poets caused an outcry.

Writers included in Notes from the Gean have been the Irish author, Colm Tobin and American Pulitzer Prize winner, Franz Wright. Video within the flip magazine pages was also pioneered with such works as ‘Flow’ by Susan Shand. Jones also edited and published eleven books, for other haiku poets, with Gean Tree Press. All are housed for posterity on the Living Haiku Anthology.

Jones’ haiku; haiga; tanka; haibun; renga; haiku cartoons; essays; poetry and other creative writings have been published in print and in online journals. Some have been awarded, commended and anthologised. His art and haiga has been shown in Peacocks Gallery, Aberdeen and at the Asian Celebration, Eugene, Oregon. He also writes songs and makes poetry films. As well as graphic haibun, Jones developed a four-line seventeen syllable style of haiku in keeping with spirit of Japanese haiku that is able to work with the natural rhythm and lyrical flow of English. This is particularly evident when the haiku, originally a spoken poem in Japan, are read aloud. His fourth collection of haiku ‘Catch 41’, published by Yet To Be Named Free Press, follows this style. Jones’ other jobs are running a Christian website called and editor of Tzynchromesh Christian Art and Poetry magazine.

Front Cover simply haiku 2006 vol 4 no1
First Place The 2008 San Francisco International Rengay Contest
Special Haiga Exhibition World Haiku Review March 2009
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An Interview with Colin Stewart Jones by Robert D. Wilson simply haiku winter 2009, vol 7 no 4
Understanding Modern English-Language Haiku by Tracy Koretsky Winning Writers Newsletter, 2010

Shiki Monthly Kukai 2nd Place Kigo Section “sand” June 2008 also placed 6th in the annual competition and is the favourite senryu of Anjukta Asopa
Mann Library’s Daily Haiku August 2011
Haiku Now Competition, 2011: commendations for Innovative Category Haiku
Haiku Now Competition, 2011: commendations for Contemporary Category Haiku
Honourable Mention Vanguard section: World Haiku Review, March 2013.
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Notes from the Gean Haiku Journal:
Owner/Editor-in-Chief/Features Editor All Issues, 1-13
Haibun Editor: Issue 10
Notes from the Gean Haiku Monthly: Owner/Editor-inChief/ All haikai genres, Issues 14-22.

Gean Tree Press.

Pho t on, Fujiwara Akiko, trans Waku Miller, (Gean Tree Press, Aberdeen, 2012)
Bashō Has Left the Building, Colin Stewart Jones, (Gean Tree Press, Aberdeen, 2012)
Americana, Ed Markowski, (Gean Tree Press, Aberdeen, 2013)
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nothing but the wind, John Carley, (Gean Tree Press, Aberdeen, 2013)
The Tea Way, Phil Madden, (Gean Tree Press, Aberdeen, 2013)
Would That That’d Never Been Be, Brendan Slater (Gean Tree Press, Aberdeen, 2013)

I would like to thank all contributors and former Editors of Notes from the Gean

Grum Robertson, Photographic Consultant Issues 1-10
Lorin Ford, Haiku Editor Issues 1-9
H. Gene Murtha, Tanka Editor, Issues 1-9 R.I.P
Origa, Haiga Editor, Issue 1
Melinda B. Hipple, Haiga and Webmaster Issue 2- 9
Ray Rasmussen, Haibun Editor Issues 4-9
Alan Summers, Linked Forms Issues 5-13
Don Baird, The Dean at The Gean . . .
Alison Williams Haiku Editor, Issues 10-13
Michael McClintock Tanka, Issues 10-13
Andy Pomphrey, Haiga Editor Issues 10-13
Richard Krawiec, Editor Haibun Issues 11-13
And Susan Shand, Proof Reader, Gean Tree Press Books