• morning sun...
    shadows of the cactus
    sharpen their thorns

  • my daughter
    teaching paper angels
    how to spread wings

    Haiku Masters (runner-up) March 2018

  • morning haze
    old fisherman heaves the sun
    from the sea

    route to the peak
    the alternatives
    I always miss

  • end district
    gipsy children make faces
    at the passing train

    Free Hugs to Strangers, Sofia Library 2016; New Social Poetry Journal, March 2017

  • blowing a kiss
    the wind changes
    its direction

    European Kukai October 2017 - First Place

  • white light
    the pulse of the universe
    in each stem


  • blossoming cherries...
    an unknown child
    takes my hand

    Bulgarian International Haiku Competition 2019 Winner


  • feeling of homeland
    roads through mountains
    on the horizon

    heart rhythms
    peaks and valleys
    in a cardiogram


  • Roman stadium
    a procession of seagulls
    in the night sky


    night streets
    shadows are flying
    in tunnels of light


    frozen horizon
    silhouettes in the whirlwind
    looking for a slit


  • anniversary...
    on the grave

    Wild Plum - Fall & Winter 2016

  • winter
    in a puddle
    city lights


    returned letter...
    in the envelope window
    mom's name