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Under the Bashō has returned from a one year hiatus where editors and founders alike could enjoy a year of rest and revitalization.

As it turned out, 2021 became one of the toughest years in history for the entire world to endure. Yet, in pain there is growth — in growth there is arising wisdom and creativity. The process is rough but, simultaneously, magnificent! Poetry is unique in that it roots in rich soils where both pain and joy are its primary nourishment. This past year stands tall as a perfect example of this notion.

We are very grateful for all the poets who have submitted poems between 2013-2020. They clearly have helped create one of the finest extant journals of short poetry today. We are especially thankful for our talented editorial team who has sifted through many hundreds of poems, selecting work they deemed "just right" for publication in Under the Bashō.

The journal continues to seek to attract, and to publish, a wide-range of haikai-influenced writings as they are being manifested in the 21st century. Please consider reading Haiku in English – A General Guide to Genre Distinction by Richard Gilbert to come to a clear understanding of what our vision is for the Under the Bashō on-line journal. 

We welcome submissions between March 1, 2022 and November 15, 2022. Submissions emailed to the journal outside of these dates will not be processed.

Compositions accepted by our editors for the various categories will be added to the journal as the year proceeds throughout the submission period.

Join us once again, in our search for fine poetry where our narrow roads through the interior intersect yet again.

Be well and be kind in all you do, especially to yourselves.