• borrowed book
    I bring Bashō
    to my garden

  • fireworks
    my son asks
    if heaven could catch fire

    Frogpond #42.2 - 2019


    shadows emerging out of silhouette summer shade


    rain after rain the rhythm I locked myself in


    the road not taken thin ice


  • morning mosaic
    the splash droppings
    of rafter birds   

    behind the beaver's bridge
    a floating moon
    b a r r e d 

    morning rush...
    in the lead car's back window
    a zoo of toys  

    village abattoir—
    vultures arriving early
    before the kill

    noon heat
    the blacksmith
    making fireflies

    his shoulder pad
    of snow


  • waking up
    from a beer booze —
    this pee without end


    my delight
    in his drunken state
    pocket coins for candy


    the boldness
    to dare God in his sanctuary
    chewing gum & blasting balloons

  • a party
    before the farmer’s party –

    Cattails April 2018

  • moon trapping
    my daughter widens
    the puddle size


    in a sleeping child's palm
    stolen coin