• the way to work
    the way home from work
    winter darkness

    The Haiku Calendar 2020 (Snapshot Press, 2019)



    still takes rifles for deep woods


    do hone
    the small distances
    at home


    six feet under one worm another


    sobering up fog-fitting the mold


    for the longest night a white knight


    writhing. besides. I.
    there. is. only.
    one. life.


    puckering her mouth knows multiple ways in


  • oar history with an or


    dug well articulated


    a fire from now on now on


    atone the day it caws to crows


    morning after the lakeside foliage of a mother


    planting one less star the sea lacks


    not only the concept of an old man in the mirror


    a lot of holding after a shadow flares into flesh


    too late never is what it pretends to be


    God not another staring contest

  • in puddles
    stars coming up
    for air

    Acorn #39, Fall 2017

  • dandelion fluff
    telling my long-lost sister
    the story of us


    nothing but
    nothing but
    spring wind


    dawn lake
    all it takes
    is silence


    the comfort
    of warmth


    born again
    she sings the blues
    in red


    we linger a while
    in her private garden

  • don’t even go there wild blackberries


    grey skkkies the weak liiinnnes connecccting us


    he doesn't believe me ant-eater


    between this searing heat and the sky my lifespan


    drowning slowly the sound as we walk