• validating solitude -
    sudden birdsong vanishes
    across the horizon


    wisteria in bloom -
    the strangers share
    their relief


    windy calligraphy -
    my father's arable crops
    follow his words


    exhausted migrants -
    through the pine trees
    dusk passes


    autumn burial -
    toothed leaves encode
    all our silences


    purple dreams...
    scratching of a pine twig
    on my window

  • spring pilgrimage -
    first cherry blossoms
    in mother's sandals

    The Haiku Moment Award: Best of Volume 1 (issues 1:1 and 1:2) Autumn Moon Haiku Journal

  • late autumn -
    in a flurry of haze
    harvest moon


    a marble banister
    gathers sunlight


  • thinking of war -
    wrapped in barbed wire
    fragile butterfly
    The Basho-an Award, Tokyo, Japan, 2018.

    starlight -
    the tadpoles vanish
    in a blurry pond


  • time is paused
    neither dead nor alive
    a frozen embryo

    IAFOR Vladimir Devidé HAIKU AWARD 2018, Kobe, Japan (Runner up);

  • security camera -
    a secret kiss caught
    at the grocery store


    angler by the bank -
    a kingfisher alights
    on his rod

    fox’s voice –
    as if the half-moon
    burst out laughing


    New Year’s eve—
    loud celebrations echo
    among the stars

  • summer dusk –
    passing through the gnats
    by the brook

  • old fountain
    almost within reach of
    a blossoming cherry



    Bashō's statue
    by the Sumida river . . .
    the flow of words



    in the morning
    more numerous than people
    Higashi Chaya lanterns

    *Higashi Chaya is the historic geisha district of Kanazawa famous for its old tea houses, little streets, museums and restaurants.



    up the narrow road
    towards Bashō's hut
    Buson's grave

    *Konpuku-ji is a temple in Kyoto, where Matsuo Basho stayed in the original residence in the 17th century, which was subsequently lost and then later rebuilt in the 18th century by the great painter and haiku poet, Buson. Buson's tomb and the one of his three disciples can be found near the small cottage.