milky way

Standing in the library with a digital SLR camera in hand, I spy a small porcelain figurine nestled amidst spring green fronds in a potted urn. “Ah, it is the Kannon, in a contemplative posture” I gasp, edging in for a closer look. “Guanyin,” I whisper with delight, “the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion.”

The time is centuries ago in the Song Dynasty, one of China’s most prosperous and vibrant time periods. Having reached Nirvana, Guanyin has returned to be among mortals to assist them in achieving enlightenment. I offer a respectful bow. My fingers toyed with the Nikon’s f-stop feature, hoping to capture the divine image. I feel blessed.

the Nine Dragons scroll
offers a glimpse of forgiveness …
mid-summer fire

Author’s note: Kannon is known as the goddess of mercy. In Chinese mythology, she is known as Guanyin and revered as the "most widely beloved Buddhist Divinity.