milky way

I’m already in bed when I hear the knock on the door. Knowing it’s the landlady, again, I cover my head with my pillow. I’m just about to fall asleep when I hear a large crash.

Tiptoeing out of bed, I look through the peephole. It’s dark on the landing. I creep to the front window and peel back a sliver of the curtain, peering out into the foggy night. Other than a guy going through the trash, all is quiet.

I finally drag myself out of bed and make a quick breakfast of toast and a thermos of tea. As I open my door to leave, I’m surprised to witness the bloated, snoring body of my landlady. I can smell the alcohol wafting off of her. I turn back, grab a blanket from my couch and gingerly drape it over her.

Just for good measure, I leave my toast on the floor beside her.

junk drawer…
a stack of unpaid bills
and a pink slip