milky way

droplets of dew
on pink plum blossoms

garden pond
a frog turns into stone

dusty mirror
another déjà vu
in V formation

lights out in the valley
the elder tells his story

soft lullaby
as she cradles her baby
the scent of honey

summer sunrise
father sips a cup of coffee

warm layers
the first snow
bathed in moonlight

under one blanket
rose oil on her skin

rising incense…
two lovers share
their secrets

morning fog
the forest fills with birdsong

call to prayer
my skirt fringes become one
with seagrass

combing the old stray cat
winter wind

faint whispers
the subway rattles
in the dark

plucking a guitar string
the room fills with tension

wedding day
a butterfly flies between
the groom and the bride

under the silk chuppah
candles glimmer in a breeze

glimpsed behind
drifting storm clouds
harvest moon

pumpkin patch
so many faces in the crowd

orange streetlight
a wrinkled leaf falls
without a sound

melting into a shadow
the doe’s eyes

half-open window
an orb spider rebuilds
her web

a dreamcatcher spins
above his pillow

nascent breath
in Sakura blossoms…
the birth of a star

spring evening
the child scribbles her first poem


Michelle Hyatt, Canada
Jacob Salzer, USA