milky way

harvest moon
four deer ambling
across the field

from the homeland
dried persimmons

remembered chestnuts
from the New World

grandmother knitting
in the firelight

children chase
along the stream

the rush
of our first kiss

giving out
to the Bacchanalia

an otter steals
a fish from the weir

steel drums
on the beach
in mid-day rain

silent mass
graves at Bucha

is there
a lee side
to a black hole?

political attack ads
now year round

the morning after
our first fight
still together

having sex
to stay warm

ancient glacier
moving moonlight

the two year old
learns no

the special theory
knowing I’m wrong

glass shards sparkle
on the kite strings

a plum blossom
drifts into
my tea

along the towpath
bluebells wave

by Elizabeth Black, Ryland Shengzhi Li, Lee Giesecke, and Linda Weir
members of the Towpath Haiku group of the Washington DC