milky way
“With usura hath no man a house of good stone”
 —Ezra Pound, Canto XLV

with usura
nothing seen
becomes a flower
nor imagined, the moon

with usura
the angel's message falls
on deaf ears

with usura
the child in the womb
is stillborn

with usura
the holy innocents' sin
against nature

with usura
thirty pieces of silver
puts one's head
in a noose

with usura
a fossil fuels
an ancient debt

with usura
the cry of the poor
drowns the feast

with usura
disinformation ensures
election wins

with usura
the gulf between Dives and Lazarus
yawns wider than a hyphen

with usura
the enslavement of billions
is never abolished

with usura
sublime beauty is a debt
to be repaid

with usura
the public interest
attracts interest

with usura
the future weighs down
on the now

with usura
in a station of the metro
Pound's canto appears