milky way

in a forest
of ancient oaks…
rustling leaves
foretell my journey
on a river of stars
Our kins’ thirst for land and raw materials remains undimmed through the ages fuelling the drive to delve further and further beyond known galaxies. The Guardians choose me for this quest. Smiling, I fix the tab on my pressure suit.
As I pass the 13th planet in the home system, my torch-ship’s fiery tail leaves a final goodbye
the milky way’s
many spiralling arms
no barrier…
way-finders search
for inhabitable planets
My ship forges ever onwards towards my designated unexplored quadrant. I look through the aft porthole and pinpoint a whirl of stars radiating rainbow colours against the black void, my destination.  I repeat the sacred oath, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind and step into the stasis chamber.
as I sleep
my last thought
frozen in time
an unexplored galaxy
ready for despoiling