milky way

in a circle of stones much visited - a hit for the sun - a hit a very palpable one - a hit for the tourist at home and abroad - hit for the archaeologists all with conflicting theories that make the world turn round - and as for things that turn around there's a circle of pods where each can reach the place allotted nearest the solar star - time after time and day by day- it's a wheel by the sea of the spindrift

ice cube mingles

spokes resembling threads in the stun  of the spider forming scaffolding of the web as he aims for dewdrops in imitation diaphanous pods or is it the other way round in the hint of an eventual swivel to glint

the cryogenics

and this could be your highest point, your chance to shine, if you're centred in a drop like a pea as you touch the ozone layer in a sip of froth at dawn to a different drum

of the round