milky way

I ran so hard and in such a panic that I somehow got a bitterweed flower tangled in my bubblegum, its acrid taste staying with me even today.

Earlier that morning, my brother and I woke up on our grandparents' farm to find all the adults strangely absent. After searching the immediate grounds, we headed for the pond, thinking they might have risen early to go fishing. No one was there, but when I tried to get my brother to leave, he wouldn't. He was charmed with 'the big swimming' pool', and at age seven, I lacked the strength to carry him or force him to leave. So I left.

When I returned home, all the adults were back. Seeing me come in alone, they asked what had happened to Keith. I had left him at the pond. And then we ran, not knowing what we'd find.

Later, my brother would tell a curious story.

an angel at the pool
stirs the waters