milky way

ancient drum sounds
the possessed Maibi utters
a different dialect

(summer kigo)
A Maibi or an Amaibi is a female priestess or a nun who upholds the sacred rites and rituals of Sanamahism (Meitei religion). Their lives and duties encompass a wide range of activities to the spiritual life of the Meitei ethnicity. They play a significant role in the Lai Haraoba festival to please the Umang Lais and the Lam Lais (an excerpt from Byron Aihara's Traditional Folk Music & Dance of Manipur, Northeast India)

Cheiraoba ritual —
on hillocks, ancestors wait
for us with boons

(spring kigo)

trickling down
the moss-laden trees
— Melei Leishna

Melei Leishna/Pineapple orchid (bloom time/late spring)

buzzing bees!
youngsters talking about
Yaoshang fest

(spring kigo)


hills are burnt
for poppy plantation —
this losing war on drugs

(summer kigo)